Did a thing at Starbucks this morning. Managed to grab my drink and sneak out before the barista had a chance to explain to the folks behind me. Stupid grins.

Meetings all day. (Not to be confused with an all-day meeting.)  Didn’t get a damn thing done, but we talked plenty about all the stuff there is to do.  After the impromptu 4 o’clock hey, you got a minute with my manager I packed up and went home.  Took a nap.  Ate dinner.  Had ice cream.  Now to pull out the laptop and start on my (TOP PRIORITY - URGENT!) action items from this morning’s conference call.

The 4 o’clock with my manager was to tell me they’re giving me another headcount so my group can do the things we’ve been charged with doing in a timely manner.  I’ll probably end up poaching one of the techs from our escalations help desk.  Trying to decide if it’s bad taste to just take a net down there and capture one while they’re on a call.  Where’s my hat…

Lips Like Sugar by Echo & The Bunnymen

Yes, guy in the red Camry giving me strange looks, I was the one blasting this song with all the windows down in gridlock traffic this morning.  What about it?

Reviewing feedback on my process documentation:

Interpret whatever appears on-screen to the best of your ability.  It is likely that this will end in tears.  You have been warned.  Godspeed.

I feel bad for the poor guys that won’t get the warning that the thing they’re being told to do will not end well. :(

It’s been a long… month, but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive.  Might even get a full weekend of not-working.  (Totally stoked at that prospect.)  I’ve managed to (literally) walk away for a couple hours the past few weekends, but still, I’d be okay with not hearing from work this weekend.

Token of appreciation from the Lead sitting on my desk when I got in this morning.  At least I assume it was the Lead — no name inside the sleeve.  For the record, I will take a Starbucks card over my name in a chunk of lucite any day of the week.

I’ve had this stupid grin on my face all day thinking about the lot of you guys.  You’re alright.  (Even you.  Especially you.  You got this.)

I’ve been told I’m damn near impossible to buy gifts for.  (A fair assessment.)  I decided to create an Amazon wish list this year that I can send to family when they ask what I want for my birthday or Christmas or whatever.  All it has on it is Rice Krispies treats and Sesame Street socks.  I’m 100% okay with calling the list complete.

I need to get outta town.  I’ve got a week of vacation coming up next month.  I should probably figure that out.